July 30, 2009



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S-Link Wired Earring

handformed and hammered S-Link made this earring so outstanding. Just like the combination of cream baby bellflower and rose swarovski crystal.

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July 29, 2009

Simple Earring

as simple as just combine the glass briolette with the chain and earring hook....
earring was up for grab here


Made this piece before 2nd Pipit Wonderful Market, again pearl and crystal combination...
超级无敌最爱珍珠和水晶的结合。在七月份wonderful market 之前做的。

Sterling Silver lobster clasp and handmade extension.

Custom Made Earring

This is the earring that requested by Evelyn, and send it to her mom as a present, love daughter ya... note the bottom of this earring, i've hammered and flatten the wire, so that it can serve as the 'T pin' and add some little pattern to the earring........

July 25, 2009

New Product

I'm lack of idea lately...... so just simply made these pieces.......simple and nice?
Swarovski crastal and japanese beads on memory wire to form this bangle.
top view.
used artistic wire to add some little design at the back.
simple chain necklace.

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July 24, 2009

handcraft swap II

终于有时间放上我 handcraft swap 收到 Erika 的手做。
Erika 做的卡片。
一次很好的经验可以看看别人的手做。。Agnes, 下次记得再办哦!!

July 21, 2009


I've addicted to wire......made a pendant for myself, of cause with my favourite beads, Swarocski Crystal AB.
I was initially plan to make it into rectangle shape. But, 0.8mm wire seems like not strong enough to hold it's shape....finally it becomes a pendant with 'waist'... lol...

July 16, 2009

Handcraft Swap

前阵子参加了Agnes 举办的Handcraft Swap, 就是参加者个别有自己的swap partner, 准备好两份手做品,然后在特定的期限内寄给对方。
Erika 寄来的东西收到了,星期六会拍照放上来,谢谢你Erika ^.^ !!
来看看我寄给Gianni的东西,一个手做零钱包,一条项链+配对耳环。做首饰我OK, 可是那零钱包不是我的强项,所以花了不少时间。
Gianni, 希望你会喜欢。

July 14, 2009

Cover Button Hair Pin

This is the birthday present for a 8 years old girl.
I've used russian doll's stamp + fabric used ink pad + cover button to make a pair of hair pin.
some easy steps:
chop at the cotton fabric, make the cover button, and stick the button on hair pin, done ^.^
see.... the russian doll is adorable.
I've sealed it by the sealler i recent got.

July 05, 2009

2nd Wonderful Market

终于忙完2nd Wonderful Market了。虽然这次的人潮没有这么多,可是还是很有趣很好玩,因为我们多了时间聊天和三八。。聊倒忘记拍照阿。。。-.-'
右边的Clovis. 她的娃娃好可爱哦~~
左手的Agnes 和Shera, pai seh.... 忘记拍product.
到处去玩,聊不停的三个人。 以上就是我的报道。。。 哈哈,不要打我,我真的只有这些照片。